Saturday, July 7, 2012

new beginnings

I'm hoping to reinvigorate my blog postings.

An incredible amount has changed since the last post. I got a promotion, Ian got an amazing job, we bought a house, my sister had a baby.

 Plus summer is here and I just unpacked all my cameras yesterday and ordered some film.

 Jaxon Elliot showed up yesterday. I really like him.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

snowed in

So I thought I'd remember warmer times. I never did finish our June roadtrip. These are the rest of my digital photos. I have a ton of film from San Diego and Palm Springs, but they all need to be scanned still. 

Going through all these I realized we stayed in a lot of places with amazing bathtubs.

The Requa Inn: 
One of my very favorite places. It was small and beautiful, right on a river, with delicious food. We're actually hoping to go back there again this summer and explore the Redwoods more.

Fern Gully:
Or that's what we called it. This was one of the most magical places, and another one I want to go back to this summer.

San Francisco:
Wandering around the city made us want to move there. We found an awesome sandwich shop that we kept going back to. We spent the majority of our day at the old arcade on the pier. We wanted to go to Alkatraz so badly, but since we didn't plan anything ahead of time we were there on the wrong day for the tour.

We stopped in LA and San Diego after this, but that's mostly film.

Salvation Mountain:
This was on my list of places I wanted to see, so we drove far out of the way in 112 degree heat. Through an empty small town full of trailers and out into the middle of nowhere. We almost turned around several times. It was quiet and empty and blistering hot.

Harmony Hotel:
A tiny little place near Joshua Tree Park. All of Joshua Tree Park is film.

The Ace Hotel Palm Springs:
This place was rad. All we did was tan and swim and drink for a few days.

Metro Hotel:
An adorable Bed and Breakfast in northern California wine country run by a very french man. It was the best bed I slept in the whole time, I wish we could have stayed more then one night.

Rhododendron OR:
Our last stop was in this beautiful secluded house in the woods. No TV, no internet; you had to cross a metal bride to get to it. We cooked, played scrabble, wandered around the woods, and of course used the lovely bathtub.

Those were two of the best weeks ever.
All we knew was where we would sleep and the rest was an adventure.